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The Return of my Nikon

Fantastic news! I got my camera lens back today!


A few weeks ago, my roommate’s dome-headed dog broke the lens clean off the camera base! Luckily for me, my friends Fred and Laura Li happen to run a camera and antique shop and whisked my lens away to be fixed! A mere 135 dollars later, and I have my lovely Nikon back in action! In order to celebrate, I took several pictures of no importance whatsoever. ūüėÄ






Of course, pictures of no importance whatsoever are the best kind in my opinion. ūüôā


Marinating on a Reaction

Sometimes…a close friend will say something that I find completely hurtful. ¬†Due to my impulsive and passionate nature, what I WANT to do is start yelling at that he or she is being a hurtful asshole followed by a string of other expletives.

However, due to the fact that I know about my impulsive and passionate nature,what I actually do is marinate on a reaction. ¬†I make myself some coffee or tea, and take a smoke break to contemplate the true nature of the hurt. (sounds deep…it’s not, it’s just how I manage to keep some friends around). ¬†If it was something that really isn’t a big dealio (no way she meant to call me fat…), I’ll let it go. ¬†And when I say I let it go… I mean I really let it go. It’s done.

Every once in a while, a friend will say something that I just can’t get over. ¬†Tell you a recent example you say? ¬†Why I suppose I could do just that! ūüėÄ

So yesterday, I get an email from one of my closest friends (who we will call Papi for the purpose of this blog). ¬†Papi and I met about 5 years ago and have been family ever since. ¬†We’ve managed to maintain our friendship through thick and thin, through being thousands of miles apart (for 90% of the friendship), through pain and loss…in short, through everything. ¬†At least, until yesterday. ¬†He emails me (EMAILS ME!!), and tells me that his new “lady friend” is uncomfortable with me telling him I love him and him telling me that he loves me (among a list of other issues). ¬†I would be 100% on board with this sentiment ¬†if we had ever been romantically involved, but Papi is family! ¬† And I do love him, just as I love my (real) brother Dustin! So who is this girl who is telling me what’s what? And why is Papi telling me (out of the blue mind you) that I can no longer verbally express my gratitude and affection towards him?



Still marinating.

Well damn. I can see his viewpoint. ¬†Maybe he really loves this girl he’s been dating for a handful of months…maybe he wants to make things work long-term and feels this is the only way…


But F her! Can she not understand someone loving someone else in a non-sexual way? And damn it, why can’t he take my feelings into consideration here? Didn’t he have to know that this complete disregard for my feelings would hurt me? How could he not?



*finishes coffee*


In the end, I realize that as family, I have to accept Papi’s decision to choose her desires over mine. ¬†I want him to be happy! Unfortunately, I also realize that I will never have the same relationship with Papi that I had before. I now know that he is capable of disregarding our history and our friendship. ¬†I will always be friends with Papi, and I will always love him as my brother-from-another-mother, but the 100% trust that we had before will be gone. And that makes me sad panda.

Weddings-on NOT Catching the Bouquet

Recently, my dear friends Jessica and James got married!

(Yes, I took this picture)

Yay! I know everyone says “Oh my sweet heaven! They’re soooo perfect for each other” at literally every wedding that ever was, but in this case it’s 100% true. ¬† They are an ¬†absolutely amazing couple.

As a close friend of both the bride and the groom, I ¬†was asked to be a bridesmaid. Which (lemme tell you) has never been on my “to-do list”. ¬†Nevertheless, for these two amazing lovebirds, I was willing to put aside my near phobia of all things wedding and play my part.

*Insert long rant about prep work, planning, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties (now THAT was fun) here* and let’s skip on ahead to the big day.

Thanks to Jessica’s amazing taste, the wedding was gorgeous and even the bridesmaids dresses were lovely:

(obviously I did not take this picture as this is me in my lovely bridesmaid dress)

After the wedding there was the reception (I believe this is how these things usually work) during which the traditional wedding “games” were played. (I really think these games are designed to make the new couple’s single friends feel bad for being single…but what do I know?) ¬†First, the groom slides the garter belt off his blushing bride and slings it at the single men, thereby forcing one of them to catch it. Fine and dandy. ¬†Next comes the one that all the ladies love, LOVE, LOVE. The bouquet toss.

Now first of all, why would I want to catch Jessica’s bouquet? I have one of my own. All the bridesmaids got one, and I feel that they should have been satisfied with that as I was.

(my bridesmaid bouquet Courtesy of Krystle Akin Photography)

Now doesn’t that seem sufficient? Greedy I tell you, these girls are greedy. ¬†I understand it though, they want the bridal bouquet. The only bunch of flowers (that I’m aware of) that somehow magically guarantee you to be the next (regrettably) single girl to be married. ¬† Alrighty, let’s line these single ladies up! Oh wait? What’s this? ALL SINGLE WOMEN HAVE TO PLAY THIS GAME?!? I did not sign up for this! If only I could have snuck away to some dusty corner with a bottle of champagne to keep me company! Alas, I did not think this far ahead (as I had already had quite a bit of champagne). So here I go…lined up with the rest of them, dreading the inevitability that this damn bouquet is going to fly directly into my face. WHAT TO DO?!?!?! Quick! Think of something!!

(I once again did not take this picture as I am once again IN it…notice the tall one on the left..yes that’s me)

What was the only thing I could think of? Children. Yes children, used as a shield against flowers. One in each hand actually. (Never thought I would be the one to use a human shield…show’s what I know) And, remarkably, it WORKED! I never stood a chance at catching those flowers of promised marital bliss! ¬†That honor went to my friend Chelsea (who fought tooth and nail to be the lucky recipient).

And I have never been happier to see someone else win!

Closet Romantic

I’ve been watching a lot of Romantic Comedies lately. ¬†Although I completely disagree with the¬†likelihood¬†that ANY of these movies could take place in real life, this is still my go to feel-good genre. ¬†My favorites are the movies that take place in Ireland (Leap Year anyone?) or Scotland (found a new one, The Decoy Bride). There’s just something about the¬†never-ending green, rocky shore and amazing¬†panoramic¬†views that steals my imagination.


(obviously NOT my photograph)

So yesterday, I had a pretty bad day. ¬†Naturally, I watched BOTH of these ROMCOMS. And it got me a-thinkin. ¬†I thought of how unlikely these romances are, not because of the incredible financial cost of flying to Ireland or Scotland on a whim, not because of the sheer unlikelihood that any of these people would have met in the first place (I mean COME ON. Leap Year…the ONE person that can driver her ass around just happens to be her one true love?!?) but because of the unlikelihood that any of these people would have had the balls to say anything in the first place. ¬†Cause in real life, we’re all scared. We’re all scared of getting hurt, we’re all afraid of being destroyed by unrequited love. ¬†We’re all scarred from past experiences. ¬†Jaded. Bitter.

Well, now that I’ve¬†sufficiently¬†lightened the mood…

The thing that I realized after all this a-thinkin is that I want my life to be like a Romantic Comedy.  I want to meet my soul-mate in some random place at the perfect time due to some unforeseen cosmic event.  I realized that although my logical (even cynical) side firmly believes that the likelihood of this coming to pass is borderline zero, a small part of me firmly believes that I will get my opportunity at true love.

My name is Nicole, and I am a closet Romantic.

So now you know. Don’t judge me too hard, because although I know that I will most likely continue to get my heart broken over and over and over again…at least I tried. At least I know that I will be open to the opportunity.


(also NOT my photograph…)

Aliens Invade San Antonio

So my friends and I are sitting outside by the fire on a lovely Saturday night and we look up to the sky and what do we see? Not a bird, nor a plane…but a magical moon force field.

I think we all (all 3 of us that read this) know that I say moon force field in jest. ¬†It’s obvious what’s happening here…the aliens have decided to invade San Antonio with their invisible space ship! But why today? There’s nothing¬†particularly¬†special about today. ¬†And also, why San Antonio? ¬†Once I asked myself (and all my local friends who ran outside to look) these oh so important questions, I realized that it might not be aliens after all.

insert GOOGLE here

Farmer’s Almanac definition: A lunar halo is caused by the refraction, reflection, and dispersion of light through ice particles suspended within thin, wispy, high altitude cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. As light passes through these hexagon-shaped ice crystals, it is bent at a 22 degree angle, creating a halo 22 degrees in radius (or 44 degrees in diameter). A double halo, sometimes with spokes, may be seen on rare occasions when light reflects off water or ice. ¬†Folklore¬†has it that this beautiful natural¬†occurrence¬† signifies bad weather is coming and that¬† the number of stars within a moon halo indicate the number days before bad weather will arrive.

Fascinating! ūüėÄ

It’s beautiful to know that in this crazy day and age of technology and traffic and stress, that something as simple as ice crystals in the clouds can make an entire group of people stop and stare at the sky in wonder.


Brand New Blog

Welcome to my BRAND NEW BLOG! God only knows what I’ll put in here…Well, wish me luck in this insane endeavor!